Embracing the Extraordinary You


The biggest mistake we make in finding  our professional passion is that we lose ourselves along the way. We start defining success on other people’s perceptions and reactions. Successful people think differently; they embrace their own uniqueness and their own version of success. Success is realized when we allow ourselves to master our strengths so that our weaknesses become irrelevant. We become more fuel efficient by re-engineering situations to highlight the unique and amazing person that we are intended to be.


Passionate … captivating… inspiring… all are accurate descriptors for Traci Bernard.

Her life’s work has been to create a work environment where people actually want to work.  Her efforts have helped countless people realize fulfillment and reward in their chosen field by identifying the individual strengths and patterns that make them unique and subsequently, how that contributes to the team and the organization.  Though her career is healthcare, she has influenced culture in a variety of settings including corporate offices, schools, universities and churches.  Her sincerity and authenticity are tangible and her approach to leadership is refreshing and dynamic.


Traci served within industry-leading organizations as a hospital vice president at age 30 and as a president by age 40.  It was during this time she recognized that great organizations capitalize on each person’s differences.  As a senior leader, Traci was able to create a culture dedicated to people reaching their fullest potential and organizations reaching top performance. 


In addition to her career as a hospital president and organizational strategist, Traci unselfishly devotes time to Board leadership roles for both non-profit organizations and corporate businesses within the Community.

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Traci Bernard

Featured Speaker